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The Nimble Storage CS Series

June 28th, 2013 by

The Nimble Storage CS Series

Engineered for Efficiency

Demands for better storage performance, scalability, data protection, and simplicity continue to grow in today’s datacenter. The rapid adoption of virtualization and server consolidation has further compounded the need for network storage that can keep up with these demands. Nimble Storage makes it possible for IT to tackle them all head on.

Nimble Storage designed its Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASLTM) architecture to help large and small IT organizations address their storage challenges. As the industry’s first flash-optimized storage architecture designed from the ground up, CASL effectively combines the performance of flash for reads with a unique data layout optimized for writes. The result is high-performance, efficient storage. CASL also includes integrated data protection and manage- ment functionality required by today’s demanding applications, eliminating the need for separate backup storage solutions and tools. These characteristics make the Nimble Storage CS-Series the ideal storage platform for mainstream IT applications in a variety of environments, ranging from midsize deployments with hundreds of users to large enterprises with thousands of employees.


Nimble Storage CS200 and CS400 Series

Choosing the right Nimble Storage array is simple. The CS200 Series is a good fit for midsize businesses or distributed sites of larger organizations, supporting workloads such as Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual server consolidation. For IO-intensive work- loads, such as transaction processing supported by Oracle or large-scale VDI deployments, the CS400 Series delivers higher performance. Nimble Storage arrays come standard with full software functionality, so there are no hidden costs.


Scale to Fit

CASL’s scale-to-fit capabilities make it easy to non-disruptively scale the CS-Series to meet both the growing capacity and performance needs of today’s datacenter. Storage can be scaled to hundreds of terabytes by adding disk shelves. Performance can be enhanced through the addition of higher capacity SSDs able to support larger amounts of active data. For additional throughput, a CS200 system can be upgraded to a CS400 non-disruptively. Lastly, to scale both performance and capacity beyond a single CS-Series array, IT can com- bine multiple arrays non-disruptively into a sin- gle scale-out cluster, thus eliminating storage silos and their corresponding poor utilization and management complexity.

The Nimble Storage CS-Series delivers the right mix of high performance and efficient capacity for mainstream workloads in IT organizations of all sizes


Nimble Storage Software

All software functionality is included with the Nimble Storage CS-Series array. The following lists some of the included software features.

• Dynamic caching
• Write-optimized data layout
• App-aligned block size
• Universal compression
• Thin provisioning
• Instant-snapshots
• WAN-efficient replication
• Zero-copy clones
• App-integrated backup/profiles
• Non-disruptive scale-to-fit
• Scale-out clustering
• Proactive wellness
• Non-disruptive upgrades
• Remote secure support
• Unified administration
• Multipath/connection manager


Proactive Wellness

Nimble goes well beyond the traditional support model to keep storage operating at peak efficiency and performance with virtually no downtime. The combination of proactive monitoring and analysis, remote technical support and parts repair/replacement ensures smooth operations and high satisfaction. Nimble Storage support offerings include :

• 24×7 remote technical support center
• 4-hour or next business day part replacement
• 24×7 monitoring  and response
• Software updates included