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Email Protection

June 28th, 2013 by

Email Protection

Protecting email against viruses, spam and data loss can be hard work. You must address infections caused by viruses that get past your desktop defenses, manage spam quarantines and ensure employees properly encrypt their email.

Sophos UTM Email Protection makes it easy to keep your inboxes clear of viruses and spam. We give you accurate, high-capacity mail filtering and email encryption. And handy management tools make life easier for you and your users.

Unwanted email can slow your network and your people. Our anti-spam software stops all spam before it’s delivered to employee mailboxes.

We make sure that only useful emails get to your people. A single Sophos UTM appliance can scan millions of messages per day for multiple domains. And an extensive set of anti-spam technologies provides the highest detection and lowest false positive rates available.

Technologies and capabilities in our anti-spam include:

  • Identifies and disposes unsolicited SMTP and POP3 emails
  • Highest detection rate through combination of multiple methods to identify spam
  • Reputation service with spam outbreak detection (format and language agnostic) using patented Recurrent-Pattern Detection™ technology
  • Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs)
  • Dialup network blocking
  • Greylisting
  • BATV (Bounce Address Tag Verification)
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record checking
  • Expression filter
  • Recipient validation (using Active Directory)
  • Reverse-DNS & HELO syntax checks
  • Phishing URL detection
  • Flexible management
  • Emails and attachments can be rejected with message to sender, passed with a warning or quarantined
  • Web-based UserPortal and daily quarantine reports about blocked emails allow for user self-servicing actions

Antivirus Scanning
Our dual scanning engines operate in parallel at the network gateway. So detected viruses and malware never reach employees’ computers.

Malware is most commonly carried via the web and also in emails. Our solution stops malicious content before it enters the network. Our dual-scanning system scans files, messages and website objects twice with different engines. Reducing the risk of new and emerging threats from entering the network undetected.

Our antivirus includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Dual independent virus scanners with multiple detection methods
  • Frequent automatic updates
  • Behavioral scanning
  • Live protection
  • Scans HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and POP3 traffic
  • Scans encrypted SMTP traffic
  • Flexible management
  • Easily set up file and content rules. Emails and attachments can be dropped, rejected with message to sender, passed with a warning, or quarantined

Email Encryption
You need to make sure that your email traffic is secure. We do that for you with email that’s automatically encrypted and decrypted at the gateway.

Encryption is an effective way to protect messages against data loss and theft. But it has to be easy to use. We go a step further. Users don’t have to do anything to encrypt and decrypt messages. Our email encryption and digital signing for SMTP emails is completely transparent. Plus, no additional software or client is needed.

We offer complete email encryption functionality inside Sophos UTM, so even small-to-medium businesses can be sure they’re sending secure email:

  • Encryption/decryption and digital Signatures for SMTP emails
  • Supports OpenPGP,S/MIME and TLS
  • Completely transparent to the enduser
  • No additional software on client PC required
  • Easy setup
  • Only three configuration steps to start
  • Central management of all keys and certificates
  • No key or certificate distribution required
  • Allows content/virus scanning even for encrypted SMTP emails
  • Allows usage of internal or external Certificate Authorities (CA)
  • Fully supports X.509 standard for digital certificates

Personal Quarantine & Email Manager
We give employees control over their spam quarantine and message activity. You save time and effort.

Our UserPortal allows employees to do email management tasks that otherwise fall to an administrator. Employees can make their own spam whitelist. They can review, release and delete messages. Our UserPortal also includes a personalized mail log. A searchable forensic display allows users to find out what happened to messages that were deleted because of a virus or blacklist entry.

Our web-based UserPortal gives the employee many options for tracking and monitoring quarantined email:

  • SMTP/POP3 Mail Quarantine
  • Search, view, release, download, delete and whitelist spam mails in your personalized quarantine
  • Individual Mail Log
  • Gain a quick overview over your complete email traffic
  • Personal Whitelist
  • Manage your personal email whitelist of sender addresses which should not be subject to spam scans
  • POP3 Account Management
  • Redirect POP3 email accounts through your UTM to take advantage of spam and virus scanning
  • Comprehensive Language Support
  • Available in 15 local languages
  • Customizable HTML Welcome page