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Web Protection

June 28th, 2013 by

Web Protection

The web can threaten productivity and introduce malware to your network. Sophos Web Protection prevents malware infections and gives you control over employees’ web use. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter the network.

You create easy policies that set where and how employees spend time online. Everything is tracked and arranged in detailed reports so you can see what people are doing and make changes as needed.

Application Control
We help you control the applications that could cause security or legal problems, like P2P or instant messaging. And you get a handle on the unwanted applications that clog your network.

Knowing how employees are using the Internet is impossible without an accurate picture. With patterns for hundreds of applications, we let you see exactly what apps are being used and by whom.

You’ll know who’s streaming music and slowing down the network. You see if employees are playing games or chatting on Facebook. Limit their use of unwanted apps while giving priority to the ones they need to do their jobs. Tune your network, and make your Internet usage safe and productive.

Application Control feature gives you:

  • Patterns for over 600 relevant applications
  • Deep Layer-7 inspection for true application identification (Next-Generation Firewall)
  • Unclassified application feedback
  • Updates on new applications
  • Complete control to block, allow, shape and prioritize applications
  • Detailed real-time reporting and forensic history
  • Graphical flow-monitor that shows everything as it happens

URL Filtering
Control which websites your employees can access. Protect the network and boost productivity. Block and allow an entire category of websites or a single URL.

Our URL Filtering gives you complete control over what websites can be accessed, by whom and when. Combined with a directory authentication resource like Active Directory, policies can be built for existing users and groups. Detailed reports show how the effectiveness of the policy so adjustments can be made if needed. And buckets can be used to combine categories into a single profile to save time building additional security policies.

Sophos URL Filtering features:

  • Comprehensive Up-to-Date Database with 35+ Million Websites Covering over 3.9 Billion Web Pages in 96 Categories:
  • Nudity, gambling, criminal activities, shopping, drugs, job search, sports, entertainment, etc.
  • Additional categories can be created for individual customization
  • International content from hundreds of countries in 65 languages
  • Re-categorization via online form
  • Fast Response Times through Globally Distributed Database Replications
  • Filter Might also Consider Global Reputation
  • Whitelists and Blacklists to Tailor Access for Groups of Users
  • Many User Authentication Options
  • IP Address, Active Directory SSO, eDirectory SSO, LDAP, RADIUS/TACACS+
  • Time-based access policies

A variety of web threats put your network at risk. Our antivirus scanning and spyware filtering stop malicious content before it enters the network.

Our antispyware uses a live, global database to identify and block spam. Even spyware brought into the network on a USB drive is detected before it infects the network. And employees are notified when spyware is blocked.

Our anti-spyware:

  • Blocks (unintentional) downloads of spyware, adware, and other malicious software
  • Prevents infected systems from sending information back to servers hosting malware
  • Checks against a database of known spyware URLs
  • Filters and removes active content such as Java, Active X, Flash, cookies, VBScript or JavaScript

Our antivirus uses two scanning engines that operate in parallel to provide twice the protection. This helps stop even new and emerging threats from infecting the network.

Our antivirus:

  • Dual independent virus scanners with multiple detection methods
  • Frequent automatic updates
  • Behavioral scanning
  • Live protection
  • Scans HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and POP3 traffic
  • Flexible management
  • Easily setup file and content rules
  • Emails and attachments can be dropped, rejected with message to sender, passed with a warning, or quarantined

HTTPS Scanning
Malware and other threats can hide in the encrypted traffic from trusted web sites. Our HTTPS Scanner lets you see this traffic and block malicious content.

Our HTTPS scanner looks deep inside traffic to identify viruses, spyware and other malicious content that is accessed over HTTPS. We use an advanced man-in-the-middle approach to provide a full range of control. We act as a trusted authority that can be deployed by download, email attachment or directory policy push. So we can completely scan HTTPS, and your network is protected even if a trusted website becomes compromised. And programs that tunnel over HTTPS, like anonymous surfing, are prevented from connecting.

Our HTTPS scanning provides:

  • Transparent de-encryption and re-encryption of HTTPS traffic via a trusted man-in-the-middle technique
  • Complete filtering of encrypted HTTPS sessions and their contents via dual antivirus scanners
  • Stops tunneling programs from abusing open HTTPS ports
  • URL filtering for HTTPS sites
  • Automatic validation of server certificates prevents users from (un)intentionally bypassing certificate warning messages
  • Full CA management
  • One-click deployment of gateway certificate
  • Granular tuning and exceptions

Interactive Web and User Reporting
We give you the information you need, clearly and simply. Understand how your employees are using the web and how to improve your network protection.

Good reporting capabilities are powerful. With knowledge of employee behavior and network monitoring, you can get more out of your network protection. We provide clear, detailed and searchable reports. You get the information you need to adjust configurations and define how the Internet can be used.

Our User Reporting keeps you current on what’s going on in the network with:

  • Inline reports
  • Offer up-to-date statistical information for each security application, like Top Domains/Users by traffic or time spend, top email senders/receivers or top blocked attacks
  • Reporting graphs
  • Get easy to read flow graphs with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics on web usage by IP address or user name
  • Executive reports
  • Includes a summary as well as many details about TOP-10 statistics for over 60 areas
  • Can be generated at will and also emailed out to a list of users (e.g. admin and/or CEO) on configurable schedules
  • Report anonymization
  • Hides user names and addresses within reports
  • Uses 4-eyes-principle to unhide selected names

Our Interactive Web Reporting system reacts to your data requests. The data shifts to match your needs. This gives you as much – or as little – detail as you need.

Interactive Web Reporting allows you to:

  • Move up, drill down, and even shift sideways through the data without starting over or “hitting bottom”
  • Add and edit filters at any time
  • Know exactly what users search for at the major search engines
  • Use departmental reports to easily view usage by company sections
  • Save all results for future reference
  • Mail any report immediately on-demand
  • Use report subscriptions to send one/multiple reports to one/multiple recipients at desired intervals