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Wireless Protection

June 28th, 2013 by

Wireless Protection

Your wireless networks need the same policies and protection as the wired network. This can be difficult without a way to centrally manage the network and extend your security. We give you these capabilities with Wireless Protection. Now the wireless network is easily managed and protected, ensuring consistency across your organization.

Central Management
Sophos UTM acts as a wireless controller, centrally managing Sophos Wireless Access Points. All configuration, logging and troubleshooting is done within the UTM appliance.

Sophos Wireless Access Points are similar to thin clients in relation to the Sophos UTM. Intelligence in the access points is minimized and centralized in the Sophos UTM instead. Our built-in reporting displays information about connected wireless clients without the need for a separate tool. Controlling your wireless networks has never been easier.

Sophos Wireless Protection provides the following central management features:

  • Thin access point technology
  • Built-in wireless controller in Sophos UTM

Wi-Fi Hotspot
Easily set up wireless Internet access for guests or temporary users without the risk of compromising the integrity of your network.

Guests and contractors expect to get Internet access when they visit an organization. There isn’t an easy way to set up the infrastructure for this with time-based access and passwords for connecting. With Sophos UTM, you can easily configure various types of hotspots, depending on your policies for wireless access. With a voucher-based hotspot, for example, you have the flexibility to freely define Internet vouchers based on the validity period, a time quota or the data volume.